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Tips from the IRS for Outsourcing Payroll

If you outsource your payroll duties to one of the many payroll services Los Angeles has to offer, then you may find yourself wondering what you can do to make paying your business’ annual taxes easier. Even if you are using the same accounting service to handle your taxes, there are still a few steps you can take on the business side to expeditate the tax process. These payroll tips come from the IRS and other trusted sources, so make good use of them when setting up your payroll.

Enroll in EFTPS

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System gives you access to your tax payment history and allows you to access many important tax documents online. Both the small business and the third party payroll service should enroll in this system, and it is important that the payroll service uses EFTPS to make payments. This program allows everyone who needs to have access to payroll and tax documentation find the most up-to-date information instantly.

Use Your Business Address

Make sure the IRS and any other federal agencies have your business address on file and not the address of a payroll service Los Angeles. Though there is an option to make the third party your default address for tax purposes, the IRS recommends keeping your business address on file with the tax agency. This ensures that your business will receive all important bills and other correspondence, and ensures that nothing gets lost of you switch payroll services for any reason.

Contact the IRS with Bills and Notices

Contact the IRS if you receive any bills and notices that show a discrepancy in what should have been issued by payroll. The contact information of the IRS department that issued the bill can be found on the bill itself, or you can call a general IRS number that you have on file.

You can still use one of the many payroll services Los Angeles boasts, but be sure that you know what your responsibilities as a business owner are.