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15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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Should I File my Own Business Taxes?

As an owner of a small business, you have probably quickly learned that every dollar counts when it comes to spending money to maintain your business. When tax season rolls around and money is tight, it can be tempting to wonder if you should file your own taxes. While some business owners believe that doing their own taxes may be less expensive, others worry about handing over that important task to someone else. For any small business owner considering doing their own taxes, consider instead hiring a tax accountant Los Angeles. The following reasons show why hiring a tax accountant may save you money and time without taking away your control.

Significant Savings

Filing business taxes can be tricky. Every little detail must be accounted for, and what may seem like the most insignificant detail may be crucial. If your business taxes are filed in correctly, there is a chance that your business may face a penalty known as an audit. Tax audits can come months after filing is complete and lead to unexpected costs and fees. Save yourself money by working with a professional who knows how to get you the best refund while avoiding penalties.

Save Valuable Time

While you may have filed your own personal taxes before, filing for a small business can be significantly different.  With varying laws and regulations in each state, getting your taxes done correctly can be difficult without any formal training. By working with a tax accountant Los Angeles you can save yourself the headache of going through the process on your own. Save yourself some valuable time by letting a professional file your taxes right the first time.

 Be a Part of the Process

If giving up control of your tax filing makes you uneasy, find a tax accountant Los Angeles who is willing to let you be a part of the process. Working side by side with a tax accountant may help you have the input you desire while still filing in a timely and accurate manner.