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15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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Questions To Ask Accounting Firms

Plenty of business owners understand the pressure to keep costs low in order to increase revenue. However, for a lot of small business owners, the many accounting tasks and responsibilities can be complicated and frustrating. In addition to struggling to do accounting correctly, small business owners will find that they face penalties when even seemingly minor mistakes are made. One way to avoid this trouble is to work with the top accounting firms in Los Angeles.

Consider This:

How much extra time do you feel you have? How much business time is taken up with accounting responsibilities? How much of that time could be better spent earning money rather than counting money?

Ask These Questions:

If it is clear to you that it is time to hire an accounting firm, consider asking the following questions. They should help you discern the top accounting firms in Los Angeles from the less-reputable firms.

  • How well with the accountant be able to explain their services to you? It is important that you keep up with your financial records, so the accounting professional should be able to keep you well-informed.
  • Can the firm meet all of your expectations? It will be helpful to identify specifically where you need financial assistance. Don’t end up hiring a seasonal tax preparer when you really want a payroll professional.
  • Who will you speak with when you have questions? When you work with a firm, you may end up talking to a receptionist more than an accountant. If this isn’t okay, then your question will help you to avoid this scenario.
  • How current is the firm with new technology and market trends? You want to know that your money is in the hands of a firm that is continually working to educate its members.
  • Ask about payments. Some accountants charge by project and others charge by the hour. Find out which method you prefer and then look for an accounting firm that offers that method.

There are several top accounting firms in Los Angeles. In order to choose the one that is the right match for your business, be prepared with pertinent questions. You’ll have a much better chance of getting the answers that you want.