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15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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National Accounting Firms vs. Accounting Firms in Los Angeles

As their businesses continue to grow, many small to medium sized business owners in the Los Angeles consider contracting an accounting firm to do their payroll, complete their tax planning, and perform other financial tasks the business may require. Interestingly, many start businesses start by contacting one of the national accounting firms that offer these services. Many of these businesses would do better to consider one of the excellent accounting firms in Los Angeles. Here are some of the reasons why.

Personalized Service

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to consider a regional accounting firm is for the personalized service. Businesses that have worked with both national and regional accounting firms generally find that the accounting firms in Los Angeles pay much more attention to their customers. Here are some of the benefits of personalized service.

” Response – response time is generally faster with personalized service. Regional customers often avoid being “put in the queue” when critical financial issues arise.

” Familiarity – regional firms tend to know their customer better. Clients tend to find that they save time and avoid errors by working with an accounting firm that knows their business.

” Single Point-of-contact – customers who work with a regional accounting firm get the benefits of a single point-of contact. They avoid being shuffled to the next available representative, who must start by playing catch-up.

Structures of National Firms

National firms are designed with efficiency in mind, not necessarily customer service. They will often focus on high dollar, high volume customers, leaving other clients on a lesser service tier. Unfortunately, these customers do not immediately realize they are on the low-priority list, at least not until they try a regional firm. This mindset is fostered by the corporate mentality. Between the accountant who actually services a particular client and the strategic decision makers, there are several levels of supervisors and management. In contrast, regional offices are often led by one or two CPAs. The remaining representatives report directly to them.

Discover the Benefits of Personalized Service

As an owner of a growing business, you would like to focus on your core competencies and delegate your financial services to a reliable firm. Be sure to consider accounting firms in Los Angeles for their increased personalized service.