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15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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Key Areas of Small Business to Outsource

The focal point for any small business owner is to maximize their revenue growth. What many of these entrepreneurs fail to realize is that the prevailing strategy — doing anything to save wherever possible — can actually impede their ability to mature.

Have you ever heard the expressions, “Time equals money”? There’s a good reason why this overworked adage is virtually inescapable in the business world. Time-consuming overhead can easily inhibit you from addressing the aspects of your business that truly matter. Saving your business money is not the same as earning revenue.

Philosophies labeling outsourcing as taboo are otherwise outdated. Whereas outsourcing services have traditionally been spurned for introducing extra cost, many of those critics ultimately don’t factor in the value of opportunity loss. Although opportunity loss is something difficult to quantify, one thing is for sure: identifying the areas of your business worth outsourcing can trigger growth.

Accounting services are considered chief among time-consuming areas of small business, notorious for monopolizing an owner’s attention with its abundance of special considerations. Accounting has evolved to become a specialty trade, particularly in such highly regulated areas like California.

There is little understating the added efficiency that comes along with outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping — certified accountants with expert knowledge used to handling day-to-day operations. While the time savings are invaluable, perhaps the greatest advantage to outsourcing here is ensuring your business stays out of trouble with the IRS.

Compromising financial integrity is one of the greatest risks involved with handling your bookkeeping internally. You’re especially vulnerable to oversights if you lack real accounting experience. The subsequent penalties can cost you far more time and money than if you had originally outsourced this aspect of your business.

Design is another investment area which can net you some valuable opportunity time. Ask any graphic designer worth their salt — creating logos and letterheads can be incredibly tedious. Making small considerations to outsource parts of your project, such as creating a detailed PowerPoint presentation for clients, is one prime example.  Time spent deliberating elements of design is better spent elsewhere as a small business owner.

One more area to consider outsourcing is social media. Making the most of your virtual audience — engaging customers, making regular postings — is a huge time commitment. There is no shortage of competent marketing majors looking for experience in a professional setting, be sure to take advantage of this. You’ll quickly find the time savings allows you dedicate more attention to keeping your existing clients happy and following new leads.

Is your business interested in outsourcing? ATPP (Accounting Taxes Payroll Partners) can assist your small business in handling payroll, tax preparation, annual reporting, record keeping and more. As a member of the WH Chamber of Commerce and a background amassing 20 years of experience, ATPP has a reputation for efficiently handling all day-to-day accounting services. Contact our Los Angeles accountants at 818-436-2775 for more information, or visit our site to learn more about our services.