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15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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Increase Your Profits – Hidden Gold in Your Financial Statements

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Whether you are a little sick, feeling totally miserable, or just going for a check up, what does the doctor do first when you walk into the office – even before you get undressed? Require that you fill out endless paperwork.

After the paperwork, you proceed to the nurse’s station. Why? She checks your height, weight, temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. More data.

Now that the doctor has joined the action, there is more data to compile. Heart beat, tongue appearance, turn head and cough. The doctor knows that in order to properly analyze and diagnose your current condition and make predictions about your future, including suggested changes in behavior, huge amounts of data must be collected.

To keep the analogy going, imagine that the doc collects all this data, puts it into a computer, and the computer creates a huge mountain of spread sheets, pie charts, and graphs, but the doc doesn’t bother to read the results or analyze the information? You’d be right to start looking for another medical practitioner.

The health of your business should be almost as important to you as your own personal health. You and your family depend on the income for your current survival, and you are likely counting on the asset value of your company for some part of your retirement.

The sad truth is that many business owners and managers are guilty of malpractice in the running of their enterprises. They fail to gather the relevant data, then even when forced to provide some kind of financial reporting in order to figure out taxes, ignore the potential warning signs and golden nuggets that could be derived from analyzing the data.

For a small business, it is not unusual to unlock $100,000 a year in additional profits from a proper evaluation of good data. For larger businesses, the profits could easily be in the millions of dollars annually. Over the course of the next few weeks, this blog will carefully and thoroughly explain in plain English how to mine your data to add substantially to your pile of gold.  The first subject will be “Margins Matter.”

ATPP can help you to set up your bookkeeping, including instructions in how to properly implement QuickBooks. ATPP’s highly experienced and trained staff can also help you analyze the results to maximize your profits.