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How to Identify a Top Accounting Firm

A company searching for accounting firms in Los Angeles will get many hits on the internet. Company owners understand that the accounting firm will become a key part of their business, and strive to make the choice carefully. Following are some ideas about how a company can identify top accounting firms in Los Angeles, and how they can create a side-by-side comparison.

Comparing Potential Accounting Firms

Many see the sifting process for an accounting firm as the perfect reason to use a spreadsheet. They fill the columns with criteria, enter the rows with likely candidates, and then fill in the ratings grid. Companies who follow this strategy exactly would choose the company with the highest row total. However, a better strategy is to choose perhaps the top three scoring companies, and then let intuition lead to the final decision. In this way, the decision maker can incorporate his or her business sense and experience.

Modern websites often include such a grid online. Top accounting firms in Los Angeles are rated by reviewers, and site visitors can get some valuable recommendations. However, site visitors should know that many top companies do not reach every reviewer site. Some feel that the best use of such sites is to brainstorm additional criteria to add to their own rating sheets.

Some Important Criteria

Here are some ideas for criteria to add to your rating sheet.

Qualifications-make sure that your potential accounting firm choices are qualified for the work you need them to perform. This means that they carry the appropriate liability insurance and are members of a responsible supervisory body. This is essential in case any problems arise.

Reputation-companies should check the potential firm’s reputation among existing clients. Carefully track their performance over the first year of the contract.

Specialization-the best accounting firm for you will have experience dealing with your type of business.

Make the Best Choice for your Company

An important caveat is that the best choice for some particular company may not be the best choice for your firm. Decision makers should take this opportunity to create their own rating sheets and identify their own idea of the top accounting firms in Los Angeles.