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How to Find an Optimal Payroll Solution

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A new year signals the time to start thinking about changes to your current payroll processes. Although many different payroll and accounting services exist, you need to know how to isolate the best solution. According to Margo Leong, you can find your accounting solution by asking these 10 questions:


  1. What Services Does the Company Offer?

Some payroll and accounting services may offer innovative resources to help power your business. For example, do payroll services include automatic checks or debit cards?


  1. What’s the Cost?

The cost of switching payroll systems should be a top priority. Ensure the savings will be greater than your current system for payroll in Los Angeles.


  1. How Long Will Setup Take?

Consider the setup length and process for switching payroll systems. Will you be able to launch the new system by New Year’s? If not, you may need to consider the impact of using multiple systems for a few weeks.


  1. Are Taxes Calculated Automatically?

Sometimes, switching payroll systems can boggle your taxes. Think about how your taxes will be affected by switching systems.


  1. Where Is Your Data Stored?

You need to know where your data is actually going to be stored in the physical world. Will it be located at the accounting services’ locations, or will your information be stored in the cloud?


  1. What Security Measures Are in Place?

Your data should be kept confidential and secure through physical and digital security measures.


  1. Is Client Support Available?

Problems may happen with your new system. Find out the details of contacting client support.


  1. Can Staff Access Individual Records?

When staff members and employees can access their timecards, payroll is more efficient.


  1. Will Your Current System Sync With the New System?

Manually entering all of your payroll information is impractical. Look for a payroll system that will sync with your current system.


  1. Are the Payroll Services Scalable?

If you want to grow your business, your payroll service solution should be able to grow concurrently.


Before signing a contract, you need to know what your new provider for payroll in Los Angeles offers by asking these questions. If you need additional accounting services, contact Accounting Taxes Payroll Partners at (818) 436-2775 or through this contact form. We look forward to helping your business grow through dedicated accounting services.