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15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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How to Choose an Accounting Firm

Many firms understand the necessity of delegating their accounting chores, but have trouble deciding on the right firm. They may visit the yellow pages or the internet, looking for Los Angeles accounting firms, and see many companies that look very similar. They may contact associates and ask for their recommendations, but they realize this may not be the best route for finding someone who best matches their own business. Here are some considerations to help a business owner narrow down the many choices that appear on the Internet, and make an optimal choice.

Firm Size

Some choose a large firm because they infer that they will have the most power and expertise, but others find that a better strategy is to choose a firm with the same size company as themselves. Smaller businesses tend to work better with smaller businesses as larger works better with larger, because the expectation of service, company maturity, and other issues is similar.

Specialization Skills

General practitioners in the accounting industry are rare. Because of the breadth of the field, most accountants choose to specialize in some segment of the industry. Business owners should seek among accounting firms for a representative that has had experience in their type of business. This would mean choosing a restaurant expert for a food service organization, or a manufacturing expert for a production business concern.


Business owners should decide ahead of time exactly what they expect of Los Angeles accounting firms. Do they simply want them to prepare payroll or do they want tax preparation? An accounting firm will be happy to offer many additional services. Although these services can help a company brainstorm, they should be considered separately from the company requirements in the quiet of the home office.

Now Make Your Choice

By this time, many business owners will have made a list of Los Angeles accounting firms with these qualifications in addition to their own, filtered out many companies, and focused on a short list. Owners can then take this short list, interview the potential companies, and find which have the best vision for the type of work the owners expect.