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15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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Has Your Business Grown? It’s Time to Hire a Payroll Partner

When your business was small with just an employee or two, you may have been able to handle payroll on your own. As the business grows, as you hire more employees, and as the amount of payroll paperwork increases, you’ll find that working with experienced payroll partners is important. These professionals can handle a lot of accounting duties that you once had to do:

  • Withholdings
  • Tax preparation
  • Reporting and delivery
  • Payroll deposits
  • Garnishing wages

How Can You Tell When You Have Reached the Point Where a Professional Is Necessary?

There are some clear signs that your business has grown to the point that you could use the services of payroll partners:

Company Growth
The first sign that you have grown beyond your own payroll abilities is the growth of your business. Once you’ve hired more than a couple of employees, or if you are planning to hire more people, then it’s time to look at payroll professionals.

Mistakes and Penalties
Mistakes are almost always bad for business, but if you have been penalized by the IRS because of payroll mistakes, then it’s time to hire a payroll partner. Avoiding any future penalties by working with a professional who is willing to pay for the fees incurred by mistakes. This willingness could indicate a higher level of work, as the accountant won’t want to pay those fees any more than you do.

Too Much Time Is Devoted to Payroll
If you or an employee must struggle to complete payroll tasks, then it won’t take long to realize that the rest of your business is suffering. Rather than setting an employee to work in an area that is confusing, let them work on increasing your business revenue.

Business Organization Is Sloppy
Some people are great organizers and others are not. If you fall into the latter category, then your struggle to keep good records could be costing you money. A payroll accountant can tackle the organization of records and related accounting documents.

If your business is at risk because of payroll accounting, it is time for you to seek out payroll partners. Safeguard your interests, and those of your business, by working with an experienced professional.