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Five Things to Consider When Choosing an Accounting Firm

With recent twists and tweaks to tax laws, many Americans may be left scratching their head. It can be difficult to navigate new tax laws and make hefty financial decisions without the aid of an expert. That’s why choosing the right accounting firm is such an important decision. A skilled CPA within the best Los Angeles accounting firms stays on top of current tax laws, can offer valuable financial advice and will even assist small business owners with budgets and financial goals. Here are a few things to consider when making this far-reaching decision.

Business Specialties

For business owners, this is a necessity. Look for an accounting firm that specializes in (or at least has a wealth of experience in) business services.


In the accounting world, certifications are everything. The greater the accounting needs of the individual or business, the greater the need for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).


Some accounting firms are quick to deliver financial advice and feedback to their customers on personal and business endeavors. While many people may greatly value this information, others may not find it necessary. Determine personal and business needs before selecting which of the many Los Angeles accounting firms to conduct business with.

Support Services

Every accounting firm will offer varying levels of service to their clients. Whether a small business needs bookkeeping assistance for daily transactions, or an individual needs assistance with annual taxes; it’s good to determine what support services are needed before choosing an accounting firm.

Audit Assistance

If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ever comes knocking, it’s reassuring to know a good accounting firm is available to help. An audit can be a stressful situation, but a knowledgeable accountant should be familiar with the procedure and can be an immense help for small businesses and individuals alike.

A good way to find the best of the Los Angeles accounting firms is to ask for references and use the old-fashioned method of word-of-mouth. Talk to friends and business associates to determine which firms come highly recommended.