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15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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Compare Payroll Services in Los Angeles

Many business owners find that they can save a significant amount of overhead by contracting their payroll to a firm that handles payroll services in Los Angeles. However, companies can search online and in the yellow pages and find that many firms offer these services. Here are some considerations to help a business owner make the best choice.


Experience is one of the best indicators for determining performance. Businesses will want to look for the number of years of experience for both the managing accountant as well as the representative assigned to their account. In this way, their regular contact will have the experience to deal with day-to-day issues while the supervising accountant can deal with any exotic or unexpected surprises.

In particular, companies will want an accountant with specific knowledge of their business. For a company that manufacturers small plastic parts they should not choose an accountant with experience limited to handling clients in the restaurant business, or vice-versa.

Dedicated Accountant

For all but the simplest businesses, a dedicated accountant is a necessity. A company that must deal with a new accountant will spend a lot of time catching up the new person. If this happens on a regular basis, the company will soon lose the efficiency they gained by farming out the payroll in the first place.

Error Performance

The main quality metric for payroll is error performance. The payroll services in Los Angeles must account both time and attendance as accurately as possible. The employees will notice if they do not, and will take up a lot of company time resolving the issue. The rate of errors should be well below 1% for top payroll services.

Competitive Rates

One good strategy for a business owner choosing payroll services is for him or her to make a short list of three firms that meets the criterion, and then compares rates. This will ensure that a company gets the best payroll services for their operations, at the best prices.

Make Your Choice

After doing this homework, business owners are well prepared to choose among the best payroll services in Los Angeles, and begin a profitable relationship.