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15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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Choosing the Right Payroll Provider

Perhaps you’ve been considering outsourcing your accounting for payroll for some time, but how do you choose the right company?  Mismanaging this critical aspect of your small business can ultimately come back to haunt you. As anyone with the experience can readily tell you, this is one situation difficult to dig your way out from under.
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It’s an overwhelming experience to see your business venture suddenly condemned. As Barry Moltz recounts for Greenhouse Management, “I can still remember the day federal agents came through the door of my first small business to shut my company down.” Motz’s situation is far from unusual — instead, it paints a picture of what thousands of small business owners inevitably learn the hard way.

Every year, some small businesses fail to make correct arrangements in remitting payroll taxes collected from their employees.  These taxes, which are later forwarded to various government agencies, are critical in maintaining regular operations. Businesses that fail to comply are wracked with heavy fees, some of which all but guarantee their doors remain closed.

Keeping your books in order is fundamental to running a successful business — it makes little difference how many employees are part of that equation. As Moltz advises, “The process of doing payroll, and all the tax details surrounding it, is not something that an entrepreneur should be responsible for, particularly considering that most entrepreneurs are pulled in a thousand different directions every single day.”

Saying that payroll is complicated is quite the understatement. Accounting isn’t guesswork — it requires a critical eye for detail and a deep understanding of how tax codes apply to your business. The consequences of failing to meet legal standards far outweigh the possible savings that might come with a business owner managing their own payroll service.

So what qualities matter most when choosing your payroll provider? Moltz believes above all else, reputation matters — the service will be handling the most important part of your business, money. Additional qualities to consider include accessibility; whether you can file payroll online; if the service offers sound reporting; employees need access to their payroll information; and finally, accountability; who is ultimately accountable for mistakes made within payroll.

You don’t need to run an exhaustive search in finding the best candidate to outsource your accounting — simply get connected with Accounting Taxes Payroll Partners (ATPP). Contact our Los Angeles office at 818-436-2775 for additional info, or visit our site to learn more about a specific service.