15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
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Does Your Small-Business Qualify for this Significant Tax Break?

As a small business owner, you surely know how important it is to save every dollar you can. As a result, you might be interested in a newly-introduced 20 percent tax break available to some small businesses. Among the features of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the “qualified business income deduction.” This allows

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Why Your Small Business Needs to Master Payroll

As you surely already know, one of the most important aspects of successful small business management is efficiency. Being efficient in every aspect of your small business can help ensure that you are saving money where possible and not dedicating too many hours and resources to complete certain tasks. One area in which almost every

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Why Tax Projections are Important for Your Small Business

One of the primary aspects of successful small business management is ensuring your business is using revenue as efficiently and effectively as possible. This involves making sure to plan for tax season through the utilization of tax projections. Tax season can easily sneak up and disrupt your business practices if you are unprepared. Proper tax

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Case Study: Getting the Books Correct and Up to Date

As a business owner, keeping clean records is crucial to success. However, sometimes that task is daunting, time-consuming or just plain irritating. Whatever your reason for incorrectly or improperly keeping books, just knowing that it’s there can be cause for stress for many. The stress level can skyrocket when the books just haven’t been done

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Case Study: Full Service Business Management Support in Times of Need

Sometimes, financial know-how is just not a strong suit of an entrepreneur. Not everyone can be great at everything. But without this important skill set or assistance from an outside partner to manage finances, things can go wrong very quickly. Accounting Taxes Payroll Partners recently helped a Southern California entertainment company who had gotten into

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Case Study: Fixing Tax Errors and Getting Financial Statements in Line

Most people don’t enjoy doing taxes, but that feeling of stress or even dread may intensify once you realize a mistake was made and the amount owed is extremely high. If that happens, it can seem like a disaster. A construction company in Southern California specializing in commercial and residential real estate, specifically home remodels

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