15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
15760 Ventura Blvd, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436
Personal, Affordable Payroll Services, Bookkeeping, and Tax Processing for Small Business throughout Los Angeles County.

Top Expenses to Deduct for Your New Business

Starting a new business can be particularly challenging and costly. When it comes to growing the business, the same can be said. For this reason, small business accounting in Los Angeles recommends many specific deductions for your new business. Learn what they are so you can save a little money come tax time. Costs to

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Learning the Difference Between Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance

Anyone who is used to having to write the IRS a check when tax season rolls around as opposed to receiving a check from the IRS should learn the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. Even if you have a tax accountant in Los Angeles, you still owe it to yourself to learn more

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Why it Pays to do Business With the Best Accounting Firms

From delivering top-notch accountancy-related projects to setting up financial books and filing timely tax returns, there are many reasons it pays to do business with certified public accountants, or CPA’s. As a small business owner, you deserve to work with competent team members that bring a broad range of skills, service and knowledge to the

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How to Avoid Getting Audited

Many small businesses worry that the IRS is going to contact them for an audit. While an audit does not mean your business is in trouble, it could put your business at risk. Therefore, it is important to work with Los Angeles accounting firms to avoid an audit. The following are a few ways to

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Expenses to Deduct for Your Small Business

If you have a small business, accounting taxes payroll can help you properly allocate your expenses and grow your business. In many cases, small business owners do not understand what costs are actual business expenses. With this helpful guide, you can better understand your finances. This will help you make smart spending decisions and help

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Simplify the Payroll Process With These Tips

Paying employees is a necessary task for most businesses. Unless you are the only employee, business owners have the responsibility to pay their employees on time and consistently. They also have to pay them the amount they agreed upon. Sometimes it is hard enough to even come up with these funds. To make matters worse,

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