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5 Smart Tips for Working with a Suitable Payroll Company

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Handing over the majority of your payroll tasks can free up your time for other endeavors. Upon taking this step, you may end up with plenty of extra time for improving your service offerings or expanding your client base, for example. You must accurately estimate your payroll service requirements and facilitate a close working relationship with your chosen company to achieve your goal of delegating this important task. Here are five smart tips for working with a suitable payroll company.

Consider Your Workforce Size

Before settling on a particular payroll company, verify that their staff can accommodate the size of your workforce. If you have a large workforce, you do not have to select a huge corporation to handle the payroll calculations. You can select a smaller reputable company instead by slightly extending out the processing time. You will need to send in your timesheets earlier than normal, however, to allow for the extra time.

Determine Service Requirements

Make sure the company can fulfill your service expectations before signing the process over to that team. You should discuss payroll input methods, payment authorization options and tax document generation services. Your payroll company should also provide ongoing support in case any issues arise with timecards or payments.

Identify Your Payroll Budget

Before heading into the meeting with your intended payroll company, calculate the total funds you have available for this service. Ask for an estimate on the total cost of all provided services and discuss upcoming price increases. Switching payroll companies can be quite an ordeal, so you will want to find one that you can stick with well into the future.

Establish a Point Of Contact

At your meeting, identify your main point of contact at the payroll company. If you have any difficulties or questions, you will need to know who will handle your inquiries. This individual should also oversee the entire payroll calculation process to ensure each phase concludes as expected.

Adhere To All Deadlines

Upon switching to a dedicated payroll company, make sure you are ready to adhere to all deadlines for submitting time sheets and responding to inquiries. Before you submit any paperwork to the payroll team, verify the listed information is correct or the provided calculations will be off at no fault of the service providers.

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